Press Release Tips for interior and gift brands

Is it your first time writing a press release? Don’t panic! Press Loft, the PR Platform for interiors & gift brands, has given you a few simple rules to follow to help you write a press release that will stand out from the crowd. 

Here are their top tips:

#1 Create A Timely Title

A press release title is the first thing that attracts the journalist to open your email. Journalists are always interested in the latest trends and new product launches. Make sure your title excites them enough to want to know more!  Short and snappy is the way forward, keeping your press release title to 7-12 words makes it easy for the journalist to read. If you were launching a new range, something like ‘New planter brand launches terrazzo range for Christmas’ would be perfect! This title manages to fit in the launch, a popular trend and a season all in eight words.

Other examples could be ‘Sofa company launches teal range or ‘Stationery brand partners with leading designer’

#2 Include Images

If you are sending a press release about a new product or collection, include low-resolution images in the press release. These need to be positioned high up in the press release so the journalist can scan them as soon as they open the release. Be sure you have high-resolution versions of any images you include in your press release as print journalists will need these to feature you.

#3 Structure Your Press Release

Give your press release a structure. 

  1. Title (also the email subject heading)
  2. Subtitle – a sentence summarising the key message and, again, include the key trend or season if there is one.
  3. Paragraph expanding on the product(s) in a bit more detail. 
  4. Image and name/ price/ material and dimensions for each item. Include a cut-out and lifestyle image if possible as different publications have different image requirements.
  5. Summary of your company including a stockist website and telephone number.  
  6. Press contact information: name, email and phone number
  7. Samples / Shoots – add a note to let the journalist know if sample products are available or if the products are available for shoots.

#4 Keep Content Brief

Try not to venture beyond 500 words unless you really have to. This helps keep your message on point. Journalists are busy and like to be able to scan releases quickly to work out if it is a good fit for their publication.

#5 Tell a Story

In the first paragraph try to add a bit of depth to your press release by talking about your product(s) in a bit more detail. How did you come up with the idea for it? What makes it different from everything else on the market? Is there something in the production, materials or in your personal story that makes this product or your company stand out?

#6 Don’t Wait Around For New Products

A new product launch is a great time to send out a press release, but there are other opportunities too. Think about seasonal events or fairs happening soon, trending colours and patterns, new movie launches and key news stories. We have a free PR Calendar here you can download.

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