How to design a stunning Instagram post

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Instagram has become one of the most influential social media platforms of our generation. Its ability to showcase stunning photos and creative ideas have made it a platform for businesses and personal use. The big question now is, how do you actually create an eye-catching Instagram post?

The first concept to think about is the design of your post. If you have beautiful lifestyle images then you are good to go. Sometimes colour coordinating your images can make for an eye-catching Instagram post. Below is an example from Stitched, they use tones of purple to tie in their lifestyle images. All of their images are clear, bright and unique, making them ideal for Instagram. also has a great feed, with many reposts from the community tagging them with their purchases.

Sometimes having lifestyle images isn’t enough, try and mix it up by using creators like Canva or Crello. These social media content creators offer a wide range of templates, amazing graphics and customisable designs.

Canva or Crello are great applications to start with if you are a beginner. Their easy-to-use templates make them perfect for designing unique social media posts in minutes. They also give you suggestions for designs, meaning you can pick your designs to fit with your social media style. They both allow you to choose the size of your design or customize your own.

Start by choosing a template that you think will work best for your audience. You could opt for anything from a minimalist style to a bold style.

The next step would be to add your own imagery to the templates. Adding your own imagery will make your design completely personal to you. If you are wanting to talk about a particular subject or trend, adding your own images to templates is perfect for this. You can also add in a mix of inspiring photos and products to sell.

Finish by adding in the text to explain your template if needed. Make sure your editorial line matches with your imagery, the information you include in your post is just as important as the image itself. You can always explain further on the description box on Instagram.

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