Top Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Sales

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Pinterest is a social media channel we no longer need to introduce – in just over ten years, it has become one of the best social platforms for interior lovers to find inspiration for their home. Pinterest can almost be considered more as a search tool than simply a social media platform on its own. Through a system of creating stylish boards and endless amounts of Pinning, millions of users are saving their favourite products, inspiration for their renovation projects, the perfect sofa for their living room, cooking recipes, workout routines and even inspiration for their next trip (pre-covid!) – all saved into boards that they can consult at any time. 

Pinterest has 367 million monthly active users worldwide and is now driving more sales than Facebook. It is more product-driven than any other social media platform, so it is really the perfect platform to improve your brand awareness and increase your sales. Before we start giving you our best tips to sell more on Pinterest, we wanted to share a few fun facts with you that you might like: 

77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest

98% report trying new things they find on Pinterest 

84% Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy

With the right strategy in place, Pinterest can really help grow your business and increase your sales long term. We will give you a few tips to help you increase your sales using Pinterest. If you’re not already using Pinterest for your business, it’s time to reconsider. 

Have a solid content strategy in place 

Pinterest is not just about uploading your content and hoping for the best, if you want to be successful on Pinterest and generate sales, you’ll need to have a strategy in place to make sure your effort pays off in the long run. 

Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Do an online sales campaign? Increase your client’s list (lead magnet)? Pinterest is the platform that will allow you to do it all. Depending on your campaigns objectives, you’ll need to come up with different creatives, overlay texts and calls  to action. 

Don’t worry too much about your follower count for now, you need to focus on the content you’re presenting. Your Pins will reach more people over time and you can keep seeing results for months to come. Pinterest being a visual engine platform, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your brand organically if you’re doing the right things!

Think about the timing 

If you want to be relevant and engage your audience, it’s essential to start planning a calendar for posting the right content when people are starting to do research. You’ll need to make sure you upload the content and anticipate when your customers will search for inspirational content on Pinterest. Seasonal and occasion related products are huge on Pinterest. For example, if you have a Mother’s Day range of products, try to plan to upload your content prior to the date. Pinterest has created an amazing guide to help you keep an eye on yearly events. 

Think about the Pin description 

You might think the images do all of the work for you on Pinterest, but this is not true! Having a product description is going to help with your SEO on the platform, so make sure you are using the right keywords to describe your image and products. Pinterest will look at the following criterias too 

  • Pin Title
  • Pin Description
  • Board Name
  • Board Description
  • Linked Page Title, Description, Main Text
  • Search Queries that frequently lead to clicks on that Pin
  • Name of objects detected in an image

It’s recommended to use around 50 to 250 words to describe and summarise your Pin. Your Pin description is the perfect place to give potential customers additional information. Including pricing in the description can drive up to 28% higher online sales! 

Add a Pin button on your website 

Adding a Pinterest button on your website will help your brand’s referral traffic, but also build some brand awareness with new audiences. No matter what your end goals are in using Pinterest for your business, encouraging people to Pin your content is a great way to build brand awareness. 

Consistency and frequency is key

This shouldn’t be a massive surprise to anyone! Like most social media platforms, building an audience, keeping them engaged, and making sure potential customers see your brand is key. You need to keep your Pinning and posting activity on Pinterest consistent. It’s better to Pin four times a day rather than posting all of your content in one time. 

You might want to use free software like Later to plan your posts ahead of time.

Try to keep an eye on what’s trendy 

Pinterest has amazing tools to tell you what’s trendy, what people are currently Pinning and future trends. It’s the best resource to consider when drawing your yearly strategy on Pinterest and make sure you content is relevant and available when people are searching for images


Imagery on Pinterest usually works better when you have portrait mode instead of landscape. Always make sure your imagery is high-resolution, clear and focused. Make sure before posting that you add the webpage where Pinners can purchase this product from your site. This takes them directly to your site and will leave them browsing. You can use software like Canva to create beautiful and impactful imagery that will help grow your sales. Adding overlay text on your Pin will make them stand out. You can read about how to make your creatives here:

Consider doing videos 

Creating Pinterest videos is a great way to give your audience an in-depth description of your company. Videos on Pinterest are a good way to stand out from the crowd. In just a few seconds, you can push a category of products or demo how a product works or even do a before and after. The videos will play on the desktop when they’re halfway on the screen. The sound may play when the video is in close-up depending on the browser settings, so think about sounds and the key message. Here is a great example of a video we spotted:

Get a shop tab on your profile

Shop tabs are a fairly new upgrade for Pinterest and a great one for businesses. For example, when Pinners search for ‘Autumn Interior Homeware’ the shop tab will show all of the in-stock items that are related to the keyword search.

The new Shop tab links a Pin directly to the checkout page on an e-commerce website. This means the Pinner will be directed straight to the purchase, making it easier for businesses to generate direct sales from Pinterest. 

Consider advertising on Pinterest 

You might want to start advertising your content on Pinterest and there are a few ways to advertise. With your business account, you will have the ability to create promoted Pins and shoppable Pins to targeted audiences.

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