How to identify relevant interior trends

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Searching for interior trends can be an exciting and fun task that can help a great amount with your future photoshoots, product-buying and will help your PR. Finding the next interior trend can sometimes be an overwhelming task. The first thought is, where do you go to find the newest up and coming trends? 

There are a few ways that you can identify relevant interior trends for the months and years ahead. The first one is trend forecasting services like WGSN, Trend Bible, Coloro, Dulux and Pantone. These forecasting services will provide you with up to date information on trends that are predicted to show up in the interior world over the next year, sometimes they can even predict further into the future. This will allow you to gather the insight you need to complete your photoshoots and get your products in line with the latest trends. Most of these trend forecasting services do charge a fair amount to receive all their new information, however, their social media channels always have enough inspiration to work with. Search on Instagram for the trend forecasting services and you will find a grid full of inspiration along with stories and highlights on their page. 

Design magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, Vogue and Livingetc are also great places to start with your trend research. Their social channels and online versions are a great resource for trend spotting. Along with design magazines, you also have interior design bloggers like Dear Designer, Mad About the House and Swoon Worthy to name a few. They have lots of excellent blogs and up to date trends. Their social media channels are also a great place to browse for new trends. 

Pinterest is also a great platform to use to identify relevant interior trends. Search ‘2021 interior trends’or ‘Spring Summer 2021 interior trends’ for example, to find relevant inspiration. You will find lots of blogs on Pinterest about predicted trends. Try to compare a few and you will start to find a pattern with the same trends being repeated in the blogs. These are the trends you should focus on for inspiration. Use your imagination when searching on Pinterest, if you are seeing a lot of rattan furniture for example, then think about what sort of trends rattan furniture might come under (natural materials, bring the outdoors in, tropical and boho are just a few examples you could use). 

Fashion influence

Fashion trends can be used in the interior world as fashion trends are ahead of the interior world about a year or so. So for example, if muted tones are all over the fashion world, then they are likely to show up in the interior world the year after. Follow inspiration from fashion shows like London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. You can also do some of your own street research and see what trend-led people are wearing when you are out. Focus on public fashion and any street art and even high street shops. 

Colour seasons

One other way to identify trends is to focus on seasons. Generally the same colours come out each season so you can always rely on the same seasonal colours coming out each year and add this to your research. 

The main seasonal products are:

Spring = greens, yellows and pastel colours 

Summer = brighter, more vibrant and tropical colours 

Autumn = orange, yellows and browns

Winter = darker tones, deeper jewel colours, burgundy, navy and forest green

Christmas = metallics, greens and reds 

Trend reports

Many trend companies also provide trend reports, some you may have to pay for and some you just have to sign up to newsletters to access. Press Loft creates a trend report twice every year, if you would like to access this then you can download it here. Press Loft also has a trending page where you can view the most recent trends we have collated from our clients. You can receive monthly free PR tips and trends insight by signing up to our newsletter here. 

So many of the trend forecasters use intuition and instincts too. Trends are not just solely focussed on data research. It’s not an exact science, so you can be as creative as you wish. Everyone loves seeing a brand new unique trend that no one else has heard of!

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