How PR agencies use Press Loft to generate more coverage for their clients

Founded by Nikki Snell in 2006 after needing a system to manage her clients’ images for her PR Agency, zero2one PR, Press Loft soon took off as a business in its own right.Simplifying the PR process between brands and the media is what we’re all about. Gone are the days where journalists have to request a high-res image one-by-one. Housing all PR content in an online press room allows journalists to access everything they need to feature a brand in an instant and as a result increases their press coverage results significantly. Our clients not only save hours of time with automated image distribution and contact management, but having an online press room also broadens their media reach, bi-passes foreign language barriers, and tracks all activity and results with detailed reporting

At Press Loft as well as working with hundreds of individual brands from around the world, we also help hundreds of PR agencies to generate more coverage in less time for their clients.

PR agencies are in charge of different areas of PR like events, product placement, social media, brand building and influencer marketing. The Press Loft platform helps PR agencies boost their client’s coverage in the media with minimal effort. In fact, in 2022 alone, we generated an additional 42,000+ pieces of coverage for our clients and PR agency clients!

Here are a few ways Press Loft helps PR agencies: 

  • Time Saving

PR agencies usually have a variety of clients they look after, so having all of them in one place at Press Loft is so useful. No longer do you have to spend hours searching in files for images, content, etc. You  have everything hosted on Press Loft, for multiple clients using one single login.

  • Having all content available in one place

Having an organised and updated image library for each client is essential. Press Loft helps digitalise their content by offering an image library for all of your clients images.

  • Private press office 

Press Loft offers private press offices to agencies. This means that you can share your online libraries with your network of journalists, but you also have an area on your website for journalists to access directly. 

  • Tracking and reporting

Press Loft is a software tool, we have systems in place for tracking PR agencies’ client activity. Tracking, reporting and measuring are the most time consuming and hardest part of PR. We make it easy by allowing you to access  all your data on your dashboard. 

You can generate download reports, coverage reports and manage all of your clients images in one place. 

  • Journalists and team invite 

In addition to Press Loft’s network, you can also invite your own network to download your content from Press Loft. This means more downloads for your client’s products that lead to more coverage generated for your clients. 

  • Requests from the media 

We also make it very easy for agencies to have the insight on what magazines journalists are working on, the trends they are looking for and to see journalist requests and much more in one single dashboard. 

  • Press release distribution

Press Loft helps PR agencies with their press release distribution. We know you will have your own journalist list that you will send your client press releases out to, but having this bonus aspect of the press release distributor on Press Loft means that you may be reaching out to journalists that you might not have on your own database.

Press Loft also helps reach international journalists via its network. 

  • Influencer marketing

Press Loft makes it easy for PR agencies to collaborate with influencers and bloggers for their clients. With online chats, reporting and deadlines in place, you can manage multiple collaborations in one place.

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