I got coverage but no sales… What’s the point of doing PR?

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So you pick up your favourite magazine, rip open the cover and there is your product in all of its glory, looking beautiful. Then you eagerly sit back and wait for the phone to ring, for the orders to drop in your inbox and after all that, it turns out you only make a handful of sales. “GAH” I hear you exclaim as you chuck the magazine in the bin. But hold on a minute – the impact could be much greater than you think.

While it is possible to operate a business with little to no PR spend, it is unlikely that a company will ever make waves in their industry without it. Being in the press and featured online captures the attention of customers and prospects and helps create long-term success. Additionally, when used properly, PR can give a company the ability to overcome almost any obstacle it may face.

Being visible to readers

First and foremost, PR is about being visible to the readers of a print publication or online blog and getting in front of their eyes. Securing coverage with a media source whose readers match your ideal customer profile is the aim of the game. For example, if you are selling furniture, you want to be in front of people who are interested in their homes – home decor and home improvement. So people who are reading articles and magazines about interiors and home decor are going to be a good match.

Brand awareness

PR is an important tool for building brand awareness. The more people read about your business and products, the more they will think about you when they need to buy the type of product you are selling. The third-party endorsement provided by the press and online coverage is extremely valuable because someone else is saying how great your product is. This third-party endorsement is said to be up to 3 times more powerful than advertising.


Being featured on a top website in an article or a blog with backlinks to your website, helps your Google ranking. The more coverage with backlinks you have for your products, the better your Google ranking will be when customers are carrying out their searches for relevant products. 

With the right PR strategy in place, businesses and their brands can get a good amount of coverage in both offline and online media which helps maintain and build a loyal customer base. 

Brand Association

PR is a process and a commitment, but it is a strategy that works overtime. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see sales come in straight away, it is about the building of your brand that will then lead to those all-important sales down the line. 

Brand reputation

Businesses can sometimes get a bad reputation without doing anything to deserve it, especially in the online world. Ongoing PR campaigns in the press and online that creates positivity surrounding a business and its products can help counteract unjustified negativity.

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