BrightonSEO: Highlights and key takeaways from our first time at the show!

Last week, the Press Loft team ventured down to sunny Brighton to take part in the world’s biggest search conference, BrightonSEO! Being our first time attending (and exhibiting), we weren’t sure what to expect but were ready to hit the ground running and had an incredible couple of days. With speakers joining us from all over the globe to share their insights and expertise, it’s no wonder BrightonSEO has become the destination for digital marketers to learn about the latest shifts in the industry and hone their craft. Here is a quick round-up and a few key take-aways from our time at September’s show: 

First of all, what actually IS BrightonSEO? 

Think of it as the Woodstock of the digital marketing world, but instead of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s all about SEO, content, and how to navigate the ever-changing world of online marketing. What once began as a simple gathering above a pub in 2010 has become THE place for the best and brightest in the industry to come together, swap insights, share tips, and generally geek out about all things internet-related. 

So many talks, so little time… 

As expected, the event was filled to the brim with experts from far and wide delivering talks on a variety of topics. With so much content being crammed into just two days, it’s impossible to check out everything (especially if, like us, you’re also exhibiting). The team split up to check out a number of these amazing talks, and we came away with new perspectives and a lot of practical advice that we’ll be weaving into our own strategies for the months ahead!

Here’s just a few of our key takeaways: 

  1. When it comes to content creation, it really boils down to quality over quantity. With the rise of AI aids such as ChatGPT, it can be easy to fall into the trap of churning out content that is just “okay”. While AI is a brilliant tool to help us with our productivity and ideation, it’s still important to take time to weave in the human element that software is years from truly replicating. Think about your tone, your humour, your story-telling – things that will truly set your content apart. 
  2. Don’t let your brand message get lost in a sea of unnecessary copy. Many brands and companies (ourselves included) want to shout about everything they can offer, but in doing so can easily overwhelm their target audience with too much information. Diane Wiredu’s talk discussed the 3 most common messaging mistakes companies make when competing for the attention of consumers, as well as providing helpful tips to ensure your brand’s core message doesn’t get lost in translation going forward. 
  3. Link building ethics: Black hat digital PR tricks are on the rise, with brands using unethical methods to trick publications into generating coverage and links for their products. Not only did James Hayward-Browne’s talk showcase recent examples of these methods, but he also offered insight into best practices when it comes to creating a sustainable long-term strategy for link generation. Following on from this, Andrea Piackova gave a brilliant breakdown of the understated power of strategic outreach when it comes to link building and PR strategies, offering tips on how to go beyond the generic surface-level messages or pitching templates you may find online. 

The people are the heart of the event 

Besides the invaluable educational aspect of the show, it was evident that networking and genuine connections sit at the very heart of this event. The collective enthusiasm of SEO professionals, marketers, and tech aficionados from around the globe was infectious! We had the pleasure of chatting with so many incredible people during our first stint at the show – from exciting new startups making waves with their software to prominent agencies and well-established names in the industry. The diverse crowd at this event is arguably what sets it apart from others we’ve attended, and it makes us all the more eager to return. 

It isn’t all work and no play (in fact, it’s quite the opposite) 

Opportunities to connect weren’t confined to show hours. The brilliant organisers behind BrightonSEO ensured that there was no shortage of enjoyable experiences to make the most of your time in Brighton. From morning yoga sessions and karaoke nights to scenic walks and plenty of after-show drinks, they had something for everyone to unwind and let their hair down a bit! 

Final Thoughts 

BrightonSEO’s autumn show was an unforgettable journey filled with inspiration, knowledge, and connections. We’re already counting down the days until the next event! To all those who made it happen – the organisers, speakers, and attendees – thank you for making this experience one for the books.