How Staying on Top of Trends Can Boost Your Brand

In the ever-evolving landscape of PR, staying ahead of the curve is essential for brands hoping to make a lasting impact. One of the key strategies in achieving this is staying informed and aware of the latest trends and trend forecasts. Not sure where to start? Well today we’ll explore why keeping on top of trends can be a game-changer for your brand’s PR efforts, and how to track them down as trend research can help shape your future photoshoots, product-buying and PR strategy for the months ahead. 

Relevance is Key 

In PR, relevance is paramount. What’s relevant today may not be tomorrow (especially with how quickly trends are generated thanks to Tiktok), and brands need to stay current to capture the attention of their target audience and dream publications. By keeping a finger on the pulse, you can tap into what consumers are currently loving, tailoring your strategy and content to amplify relevant products and making your messaging more relatable. 

Opportunity for Storytelling 

Trends often come with compelling narratives. Whether it’s a sustainability trend, a pop culture movement, or specific colour predictions, there’s always a story to be told. Brands that can tie their narratives into these trends can create engaging and shareable content. Storytelling is a powerful tool in PR, and trends provide a constant stream of fresh material. 

Anticipating Customer Preferences 

Being aware of style trends can also help brands anticipate customer preferences. If a particular design element or colour scheme is gaining popularity, you can proactively incorporate it into your product offerings. This can give your brand an edge in meeting customer demands and driving sales. 

Thought Leadership 

By positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry or niche, you can build trust and authority. Trends often signal areas where expertise is needed. Sharing your insights and expertise on trending topics can help your brand gain recognition as an industry leader, which can lead to media coverage and increased credibility. 

Social Media Amplification 

Trends often gain momentum on social media platforms. By participating in relevant conversations and leveraging popular hashtags, your brand can increase its social media presence and engagement. This, in turn, can boost your PR efforts, as a strong social media presence can attract media attention and influencer partnerships. 

Competitive Edge 

Staying on top of trends also provides a competitive edge. Brands that are quick to adapt and embrace new trends can outshine competitors who lag behind. This can lead to increased market share and positive PR coverage as industry leaders. 

Data-Driven Decision Making 

Trend analysis often involves data collection and interpretation. Brands can use this data to make informed decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies, and PR campaigns. Data-driven PR strategies are more likely to succeed and deliver measurable results. 

Now that we’ve established the importance of trend awareness in PR, let’s explore how you can keep track of relevant trends. Trend research can sometimes be an overwhelming task – The first thought is, where do you go to find the newest up and coming trends? 

  • Colour of the Year Announcements: Keep an eye on colour trend forecasts, especially those announced by prominent companies like Pantone. These colour forecasts can influence product design, packaging, and marketing strategies. 
  • Trend Forecasting Services: Consider subscribing to trend forecasting services such as WGSN, TrendHunter, or The Better Trends Company. These services provide in-depth insights into emerging trends across various industries, including gifting and interiors. (Psst! You can also register for our free trend alerts here to stay up to date!)
  • Fashion Influences: While your brand may fall within the gifting and interiors sector, the world of fashion can often set the tone for colour and design trends. Stay connected with fashion influencers, magazines, and key runway shows to identify trends that may cross over into your sector. 
  • Social Media Monitoring: Use social media listening tools to track trending hashtags and conversations related to gifting and interior design. This can provide real-time insights into what’s capturing the public’s imagination. 
  • Industry Trade Shows: Attend trade shows and exhibitions related to your sector, like Top Drawer or Home & Gift Harrogate. These events often showcase the latest trends in product design and consumer preferences (so be sure to take notes).

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