How to shout about your press coverage – without breaking the law!


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Press coverage doesn’t just generate sales and boost your Google ranking, learn how to make the most of your Press Coverage by shouting it from the rooftops… but be careful to stay within the law when you do!

Good press coverage means other well-respected people from lovely publications are saying you are wonderful  and this “brand association” (to use a fancy term), is something you need to shout from the rooftops.  Tweet it, put it on facebook, tell clients in your newsletters and feature it on your website…. But STOP …. Before you share any coverage you need to know the rules and regulations surrounding replicating press coverage.

Even if the article features your image, the article itself is the copyright of the publishers.  This means you need to get permission from the publisher (in writing no less) to confirm that you are allowed to replicate the article on your website or anywhere else including on social media or a client newsletter.   This involves contacting the legal team at a publishing house and explaining exactly what you want to feature and where.  It’s important here to realise that the journalist (unless they also own the magazine / blog) can’t give you that permission.   This process can be time consuming and they might not always say yes.  Another way is to pay for a license from the “NLA media access” organisation or “CLA” Copyright Licensing Agency.  They give you permission to reproduce content from certain publications.   Each of these controls the licenses for different titles (although just to confuse matters, they are merging at the moment).

Getting a license isn’t simple, its calculated based on company size, volume of coverage, where the coverage is from and eye colour (ok, you get my drift).  But for example, here is their charging list just to republish coverage on your website:

NLA website republishing license information

No, it’s not cheap. However, it’s considered to be a fair way of compensating the publications when you are benefitting from their articles.

If you want to avoid a license as I know it’s out of the budget of most of Press Loft’s clients, then you can shout about your coverage without reproducing an article in a number of ways:

1. As Featured in – simply write out the magazines you are featured in a prime spot on your home page. NB the mag logo (or masthead as its weirdly known as) is copyrighted and, again, you need to get permission to reproduce it – most magazines are pretty open regarding this sort of usage so it can be easy to get this permission directly from the editor. You can simply type the titles in different fonts if you don’t have time to get permission though.

featuring mastheads on your website

2. Quotes – use quotes from the magazines – here use this really nicely on their home page along with the masthead

how to feature press quotes on your website

3. As Featured in ‘flash’ on images which have all been featured in publications – this is one, on Dorothy Perkins, is one of my faves as it’s very visual, simple and requires no licensing at all!

Highlighting press featured products on your website

Another example from


4. Tweet – One of the quickest ways to get your coverage out there is to send a tweet saying thanks to the publication & / or journalist and remember to include a link to the product featured on your website. If it’s a piece of online coverage then you can also add this link.  If you’re lucky the publication will tweet it to all of their followers too.

tweet your press coverage

Just to finish, whether you get a license or not, the very best way you can support the magazines that are featuring your company is to buy buy buy them!  Hell, you can even buy multiple copies and pop them in your shop for your customers to read.   And whilst you’re there, drop the journalist an email to say a big thanks too!

Read more about licensing here: ,

Disclaimer: This article applies to UK copyright laws only

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