A Few Press Release Tips

We believe press releases are a fantastic way of communicating information to journalists, and one of the best ways to tell journalists about your products, build brand awareness and  open up communication channels between your company and the media.

We’re often asked for our tips on what makes a successful press release, so here are a few pearls of wisdom from the Press Loft team:

Blair Brodie (UK): Press releases should be informative and concise. Look at the latest trends, key events and see how they relate to your products.

Kathrin (DE): Always use your best product images with your press releases. The image allowance when using Press Loft’s Release Distribution is 3, 6 or 8 images per release depending on which template you choose. If possible, we recommend using your full quota to give the journalists as many images to choose from, maximising your chances of exposure.

Fiona Michelon (AU): Contrary to popular belief, although new products will generate more interest, you can still write a press release on old products if they are timely or trend-focused e.g. you may have a BBQ – but even if it is last season, you can send it out in time for the summer articles.

Helen Knight (UK): Make sure you are mindful of lead times. Journalists can work anywhere from 1 week to 4 months in advance so consider sending out a date/season -related release 1 month ahead of the date, as well as 3-4 months head of the date.

Stay tuned for more top press release writing tips, coming soon!

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