7 tips to Instagram success

Instagram is one of the world’s largest and most active social platforms with close to 1 billion active monthly users. It is quickly becoming the leading online marketing channel for businesses due to its use of visual media which is more effective for engaging audiences than other online marketing channels. 

In the overwhelming and ever-changing internet landscape, it helps to carry out careful planning to ensure you have great content that will engage audiences. Here are some tips to help businesses make the most out of Instagram’s advertising capabilities with interesting and captivating campaigns. 

  • Tell a story 

Plots and narratives are important on Instagram, even though it is a visual social network. On Instagram, plots are translated into visual stories so photos and videos are used to share a brand’s story.

  • Test to optimize performance

 It is a good idea to test stories, see how people respond and then adjust campaigns accordingly. Changing an image, a caption and call to action (CTA) can completely alter your results. Instagram allows for easy A/B testing so several variations of an advert creative can run at the same time for testing purposes. It is important to analyse reports when carrying out testing to determine which creative or CTA delivered the best results. 

  • Make your adverts native 

Use creatives that blend in with a user’s feed so that when they are scrolling, your advert looks like a piece of content they would see from their friends or people they are following. Try to provide the same experience users get from organic content and remember that with Instagram, it is all about having inspiring visuals rather than clever copy and CTAs. Images and videos must be high-quality.

  • Partner with influencers

Partnering with the right influencers such as Internet celebrities and professional bloggers is a great way to get your brand in front of large audiences and to give your business instant credibility.. Instagram Influencers have large and loyal followers that trust their recommendations. Be mindful that it is vital to partner with influencers who have the right audience for your product. 

  • Use a popular hashtag

To help get noticed in a vast sea of organic and paid posts, it’s important to use a #hashtag. Using a widely popular hashtag that fits your brand is an effective marketing tactic. When people search for hashtags or see them trending, they’ll be able to find your business.

You can also brand your own hashtags which makes them unique and will only be attached to content centered around your business. 

  • Use a Strong Call To Action

Branding on Instagram is important but if you want to see actual results such as web traffic, lead and sales, then you’ll need a CTA which gives your audience an opportunity to engage with your business. Instagram provides a range of pre-defined CTA buttons including Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us. Sign Up, Learn More, Download Now, Install Now and Use App. 

  • Get the frequency right 

Post on a daily basis, building up to twice a day but remember that over-posting can turn your audience away. It is important to stay consistent and relevant to your audience. 

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