Top 10 websites for interior trend research in 2021

Keeping up to date with the latest interior design trends is important, especially if you are a brand as you may be looking for trends for future stock, researching trends to stand out from competitors and making sure you are sending over the latest exciting trends and news to journalists to get featured in the press. Interior trends are constantly changing and are used prominently in the press. Trend research can be a fun job, but is also a crucial task if you want to get ahead and stay relevant. There are a variety of inspiring websites you can access trend information from. We have gathered the best ones for 2021 so that you can become a trend pro in no time!


WGSN is the key place to go to if you are looking for trends not only for 2021, but for the next few years ahead. This is great for brands that want to get more insight on the latest trends for PR purposes but it is also a go-to place for brands that are thinking about future stock. WGSN gives trend predictions for interiors to fashion and everything in between. To access the latest news from WGSN we recommend following their social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Coloro focuses on new colours that are being introduced through scientific research with a 100-year colour methodology. Coloro also does many collaborations with other trend research companies like WGSN. Again, using Coloro’s social media platforms for trend research is the best way to go. Coloro already has a highlight on their Instagram for S/S 2022 and A/W 2022/23, so if you are one for getting ahead of time then head over to their Instagram page for some insight! You can also view their latest video on ‘The Power of Colour’ on their website here.


Dulux reveals their Colour of the Year every September which is always a popular announcement in the interior world. Along with this they also release seasonal colour trends on their website and social channels. They offer expert help on their website and  ideas for styling. Their Instagram also provides some inspiration for new colour releases and lots of tips and tricks on how to incorporate their colours into interior spaces. 


Pantone releases a Colour of the Year which is released in December. They also post lots of inspiring and fresh trend reports and colour charts on their website. Their colour palettes are very unique and feature their own inspiring names. These could be used when writing press releases and pitching to the press. Pantone also posts a range of Fashion Week inspiration on their website. Following fashion trends can get you one step ahead in the interior world as fashion trends work around one year ahead of interiors. Their Instagram is also full of inspiration, collaborations and exciting new colour announcements. 

Trend Bible

Trend Bible supplies lots of home and interiors inspiration on their website. View their Instagram to see some unique moodboards predicted for the next couple of years ahead. If you are looking at Christmas products already, then head over to Trend Bible to see their festive trend predictions! As well as home and interior inspiration they also supply baby and childrens trends. They also hold a lot of webinars to talk about future trends. You can sign up for their next webinar on Trends 2022: The Future of Life at Home here.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is one of the most sought after interior design magazines and features many inspirational new trends and tips and tricks. Architectural Digest also features exclusive celebrity homes. You could get lost in fresh new luxe trends on their website and their Instagram and Pinterest also have a wide variety inspiring interior trends. 

Elle Decoration

Elle Decoration provides decoration tips, inspiration and design updates on their website. As well as having a ‘What’s Hot’ page, they also feature unique houses from London to Cape Town, meaning that you will be able to access a variety of styles through their website. Elle Decoration offers inspiration mainly on kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining rooms and is known to be a luxurious magazine that constantly keeps up with the latest high-end interior trends. 


Vogue is known for providing the most up-to-date fashion must-haves. By looking at trends on Vogue you are able to plan ahead for interior trends as fashion trends come out around one year in advance of interior trends. By using fashion trend inspiration you can not only get ahead of the game but you can also start writing press releases and creating your own interior trends related to these fashion trends and grab journalists attention before anyone else! You can also view their runway page for some colour and pattern inspiration. Don’t be afraid to take this inspiration and incorporate it into your own unique style. 


Pinterest has always been a go-to for trend inspiration and trend research. Pinterest is a great choice for free interior trend content and for finding new trends on the horizon. Simply search in the toolbar what you are looking for and hundreds of tips, inspiration and design images will show up for you to go through. Pinterest will also give you suggestions on searches that might interest you. You can spend hours on Pinterest searching for trends and finding new ones to incorporate into your products and PR. Pinterest also has Pinterest Predicts that you can read to get ahead of the trends. These trends are a look into the future and are bound to be trends you haven’t seen before!

Press Loft

Here at Press Loft we constantly like to keep up to date with the latest interior trends and are always doing research to make sure we are on top of future interior trends. At Press Loft, we have a trending page on our site and also give inspiration on our social channels. We also hold a wide variety of webinars, some that include trend predictions that you can view here. If you are looking for some of the top interior trends for 2021, you can see our top picks here.

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