How to Do a Competition with an Influencer

Doing a competition with an influencer can generate a lot of publicity for your brand. By working with an influencer, you’ve got a readymade (and engaged) target market to talk to. You don’t have to put the competition message out there yourself and just hope that someone is listening.

But in order to generate the best results from doing a competition with an influencer, you need to follow a few key steps: 

Determine your Goal
Before you find an influencer and launch your competition, you need to determine your goal. Why are you running a competition? Is it to increase engagement on social media channels? Do you want to raise the profile of a particular product? Or do you want to drive traffic to your website? Decide on your goals and find reliable ways to assess them. That way you can work out your competition ROI and track your success.  

Find the Right Influencers
Your competition will only help you to reach your marketing goals if you find the right influencer. The influencer you choose should have a high number of followers and a high number of likes per post. Their feed should demonstrate good engagement, with their fans regularly commenting on their posts. And, most important of all, they and their followers should represent your target market. 

Create Competition Rules
When it comes to competition rules, the fewer the better. Think about what followers have to do to enter, how you’ll choose a winner and if any people aren’t eligible to enter. If your competition is too complicated or confusing, people just won’t be bothered to take part. Also, be sure to state a deadline and when winners will be announced. And don’t forget to big up that amazing prize too! The most common social media competitions involve liking a post and tagging a friend in the comments.

Promote and Launch the Campaign
If you’ve found the right influencer, you should be confident in their ability to convey your competition message. When doing a competition with an influencer, give them a little room to express their creativity – after all, they know their followers better than you do. But be a stickler when it comes to timelines and deadlines. You don’t want people to lose faith in the competition and your ability to deliver on promises. When the deadline has passed, choose your winners and get your influencer to announce their names in a new post. 

Evaluate Your Success
As ever with PR strategies, it’s important to do a bit of a post mortem in order to work out what went right and what you can do better next time. How successfully did you meet your goals and targets? Find areas for improvement and your next influencer competition will run smoother and generate better results. Everyone loves getting something for next to nothing. Doing a competition with an influencer will excite and engage your target audience. Just remember to pin down your goals and terms before launching your competition. 


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