I Have Never Done PR in the Past… Where Do I Start?

New to the world of business PR? Things probably seem a little daunting. But PR is much more manageable than you might think. Here are a few tips on getting started with PR:  

Create a PR Calendar
PR – particularly if it’s not something you’ve done before – is likely to fall to the bottom of your to-do list every time. Create a PR calendar. When you’re just starting out, don’t try to do too much all at once. Just set yourself a few PR targets and deadlines. By planning ahead and committing yourself to a certain level of PR activity, you’re more likely to get going with your PR plans. 

Get Digital
It’s never been easier to reach out to your target audience. With a great variety of social media platforms and content proving ever-important, you can create your own PR. Create social media strategies and learn about your target market to create content that will really engage them. 

And remember, these days it’s all about being authentic. You don’t necessarily need a flashy corporate video or a well-crafted sales pitch. Know your brand, present it honestly and use social media to talk with your customers. It’s cheap, but effective PR strategy.

Understand your Own USPs
Your USPs – or unique selling points – are what set you and your brand apart from the competition. When you understand your own USPs, you can really capitalise on PR opportunities. What industry expertise and insight can you share? What company story will arouse the interest of a journalist? Answering these questions can lead to guest blog posts, great press write-ups and getting an edge on the competition. 

Build Relationships with the Press
Building relationships with the press will get you more coverage for your brand and your products. When someone is already aware of you, it’s much easier to pitch a story idea or a product range. Most journalists have a social media presence. Follow them and engage with them on Twitter. And make the most of industry events to network face to face.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There
Often, one of the hardest things for PR newbies is putting yourself and your brand out there for the first time. This is one situation where you’ve just got to bite the bullet. Accept that rejection and non-responses are part and parcel of PR. And that it will take time to see results. Long term, PR is essential to your business success and this is something you have to keep in mind.

Get PR Help
If you feel you can’t go it alone, there are plenty of PR professionals out there to help you spread the message about your brand. Big PR companies, social media influencers, great PR tools like those on offer at Press Loft – whatever your budget you can find the PR support you need to take your brand to the next level. 

Doing PR for your business requires planning, a little creativity and solid brand awareness. Take the plunge today! When you’ve never done PR before, even a few small PR initiatives could see your business move from strength to strength. 


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